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        Shanghai Linpin Instrument Stock Co., Ltd (Lenpure® below) owns a modern factory of 20,000 square meters in Shanghai in China, with advanced production lines equipped. Lenpure® introduces Catia Solidworks Software and E.R.P. (Enterprise Resource Planning) Management Software, and also utilizes NC production flexible lines as well as Germany Wagner full-automatic coating line for quality stability. Lenpure® equips adequate production facilities which can guarantee annual output exceeds 2,000 sets.

        With strict production system, Lenpure has gained worldwide industrial fame for brands Lenpure® and Linpin®.

        To provide customers with one-stop solutions, Lenpure® has invested heavily in developing its production range. Up to now, Lenpure® has 6 series of climatic chambers for customers to choose:

        • Temperature (Humidity) Test Chambers

        • Salt Spray Chambers

        • Accelerated Aging Test Chambers

        • IPxx Protective Test Chambers

        • Walk-in Climatic Chambers

        • Non-standard Test Chambers

        Unique® touch-screen controller, Techmesh® and Bitzer® refrigeration compressor, Schneider® electric relays, UL standard electric cables etc world-first-brand core accessories are widely used on products, allowing rare failures happening during operation.