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        Wide Range of Series

        Lenpure ? is dedicated to one-stop environmental simulation solutions with range of climatic chambers. From standard test chambers to non-standard OEM test chambers,high quality and considerate service are provided incessantly.

        • Thermal Temperature Chambers

        • Accelerated Aging Chambers

        • IP Grade Test

        • Salt Spray Chambers

        • Non-Standard Climatic Chambers

        Shanghai Linpin Instrument Stock Co., Ltd (‘Lenpure?’ below) is a leading manufacturer providing climatic chambers
        for numerous industries. Our factory are located in Shanghai in china;Aiming to provide
        customers with best products as well as service,Lenpure? does it utmost to pursue perfection during every
        process.From design to after-sales troubleshooting with elite engineers team,the one-stop solution and
        service bring partners cost-saving,time-saving and energy-saving cooperation relations.

        Company Dynamics


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